Our mission at Divine Impact Fitness is to unify people through fitness, providing an environment promoting health, wellness, and a balanced lifestyle. Our vision is to cultivate lifestyle change through love, empowerment, education and support, one person at a time.


Divine Impact Fitness Featured in Aug. 2018 edition of Central Ohio's
(614) Magazine

Divine Impact Fitness was honored and humbled to be featured in Central Ohio's August 2018 edition of (614) Magazine.  Make sure to pick up a copy at a participating Central Ohio restaurant, public library, or copy this link to find a copy near you. 




We are so grateful and love everyone who's supported our mission and vision.  We truly aim to be a Central Ohio leader in women's health, fitness, and wellness.  Let's keep empowering each other.  Thank you for your support Central Ohio!  And, thank you (614) Magazine for believing in our vision


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